I Can't Breathe | Tee

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De originel vouwbare wasmachine! De originel vouwbare wasmachine!
Buy knowing a % goes to helping the black community combat police brutality!

We stand up and decided to do something about the police brutality against the black community. A crucial part of society is to protest and stand up when wrongdoings keep occurring as we see now. We believe this is a battle for justice and are giving a percentage of our profit to the arrested protesters/lawyers/... who have been wronged or help in this combat. 

Are you willing to help us in this fight?


Public value organizations have a key role to play. The most obvious of these are Human Rights Commissioners, ombudsmen, courts, judges, and elected bodies. These provide communities with the peace of mind that there is someone monitoring and enforcing our basic values of equality and fairness in all parts of our societyIt is only by helping the protest and fighting in the courtrooms that we can make a permanent change in our society!